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3 Design Ideas for Your Living Room

3 Design Ideas for Your Living Room

The Mid- Century Modern

This design is based on the mid-1990s most iconic pieces of modern design. The design is characterized by uniquely refined lines, natural shapes and minimal silhouettes. The mid- century modern design masters discovered creative ways to make use of new materials such as aluminum in industrial design and molded plastic plywood, and the pieces of this design are versatile and highly comprehend a myriad of designs.

Designing a mid- century modern

3 Design Ideas for Your Living RoomThis design follows 60-30-10 interior design rule; this means that the interior design colors should be 10% accent color, 30% secondary color and a 60% dominant base color and one should avoid picking more than 3 to 4 colors.

The furniture design under this design is identified by their straightness, clean lines and accented smooth and curved angles. Any fancy ornamentation or upholstery is rarely featured in this design. The furniture is either wooden, metallic or fiberglass and usually has one or two colors with no patterns.

The lighting ideas and tips; the design feature floor lamps and table lamps that are either geometric or round, very straight or curved contour and most of the lamps are made from metal with wooden legs. Also available is a mid-century ceiling lamp design in which bulbs are exposed from straight rods radiating out of a center.

Industrial Design

3 Design Ideas for Your Living RoomThis design puts emphasis on the use of exposed steel integrated with distressed wooden elements that are complemented with exposed brick walls. Regarding feel, the design is often mature and rustic. The design is simultaneously bold and refined, feminine and masculine, organic and engineered and provides aesthetic balance.

Colors selections for this design use accent colors for the rug and another décor especially if the walls of the living room have exposed bricks (painted or unpainted), the floor is cemented. Under this design furniture’s rely on unfinished wood, and, at least, one wooden table is a must requirement to achieve a complete genuine industrial décor, but also the table can have exposed steel legs if not wholly wooden.

Scandinavian design

3 Design Ideas for Your Living RoomThe design features gentle contours, a balance of engineered and organic materials, and playful accent colors. It is simple, functional and contemporary and mostly employs Bauhaus principle and its highly characterized by fluid lines, populist appeal and a focus on object proportions. The foundation color on the Scandinavian interiors is white with gray tones.

Tips for living room decorations

Layering rugs: requires 2-3 rugs, one rug should be oversized and should serve as the base. The base rug should be a solid rug and should have the neutral colors (such as light gray, ivory or think beige). The accent rug that should be on top should have vibrant colors and as well as artistic patterns.

Plants and Terrariums: some indoor greenery adds immediate infusion to the living room. On a desolate mantelpiece or dull shelf, a splash of greenery livens up the area and makes the living room appear airy and fresh.

Hang up a rag: this technique is trending among the design communities and provides the creativity to add attractiveness to the living room. Not only does it adds some colors but also provides warmth and texture that few art or wall paints can.