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Best Ideas to Decorate Hot Tubs In Outdoor

Best Ideas to Decorate Hot Tubs In Outdoor

Best Ideas to Decorate Hot Tubs In OutdoorOutdoor hot tubs are romantic and great to relax, in the lap of nature. How do you place them so that the vinyl and hardware do not become eyesores when you are not using the tub? Here are some of the best ideas to decorate hot tubs in outdoor spaces.

Consider hot tubs with fountain features

Make the hot tub a design feature of your garden by integrating it with the natural landscape. When the hot tub is not in use, it could still look like a natural water feature that fits in with the rest of the garden. You could consider tubs that double as fountains, with a perfectly-executed drainage system.

Camouflage with existing yard features

Making a pre-fabricated acrylic hot tub look pleasing to the eye can be an aesthetic challenge. Never leave the tub exposed, or it can mar the surroundings. Try and hide the sides of the tub with existing railings, walls etc. Any side that remains exposed can be covered with wooden enclosures. Add steps to lead up to the tub and you can make the tub look like a warm wall of wood.

Create an enclosure for your hot tub

Best Ideas to Decorate Hot Tubs In OutdoorPlace your tub in an outdoor pavilion to create a spa-like space separate from your outdoor dining space. You could have a partial enclosure with four pillars and a roof to create a space to relax in.

Use unique alternatives to hot tubs

The Japanese have perfected the art of naturally integrated outdoor cedar tubs. If you can find manufacturers near you or can import, think about using a hand-crafted wooden traditional Japanese soaking bath called ‘ofuro’ as an alternative to hot tubs. They blend right in with natural surroundings.

A classic claw foot tub under a wooden canopy nestled in a lush and secluded corner of your backyard can have a warm, vintage appeal. If the tub is near enough to your home, the plumbing could be drawn from your home’s heating system quite easily.

Enclose it with plants

Your hot tub does not need a wide paved space around it for access like an in-ground pool does. This means you can plant your favorite bushes, trees and vines around it. Enclose one or two sides with wooden walls and have plants grow right up to the other edges for a beautiful addition to your garden.

Wall up the sides completely

It is possible to completely hide your hot tub, even when it is above ground, with stone walls and other materials. Maybe an existing stone wall in your garden can be extended to become the walls of the hot tub and conceal it. Anybody can choose one of the best hot tubs on www.InflatableHotTubReport.com.

Use rolling covers

Rolling covers can be great for keeping your tub free from leaves and debris, while allowing you to use the cover as a sundeck. Think about building a deck platform around your tub so that a rolling cover can easily slide below it. You can also use this cover as a sundeck when you are not in the tub.