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3 Design Ideas for Your Living Room

The Mid- Century Modern

This design is based on the mid-1990s most iconic pieces of modern design. The design is characterized by uniquely refined lines, natural shapes and minimal silhouettes. The mid- century modern design masters discovered creative ways to make use of new materials such as aluminum in industrial design and molded plastic plywood, and the pieces of this design are versatile and highly comprehend a myriad of designs.

Designing a mid- century modern

3 Design Ideas for Your Living RoomThis design follows 60-30-10 interior design rule; this means that the interior design colors should be 10% accent color, 30% secondary color and a 60% dominant base color and one should avoid picking more than 3 to 4 colors.

The furniture design under this design is identified by their straightness, clean lines and accented smooth and curved angles. Any fancy ornamentation or upholstery is rarely featured in this design. The furniture is either wooden, metallic or fiberglass and usually has one or two colors with no patterns.

The lighting ideas and tips; the design feature floor lamps and table lamps that are either geometric or round, very straight or curved contour and most of the lamps are made from metal with wooden legs. Also available is a mid-century ceiling lamp design in which bulbs are exposed from straight rods radiating out of a center.

Industrial Design

3 Design Ideas for Your Living RoomThis design puts emphasis on the use of exposed steel integrated with distressed wooden elements that are complemented with exposed brick walls. Regarding feel, the design is often mature and rustic. The design is simultaneously bold and refined, feminine and masculine, organic and engineered and provides aesthetic balance.

Colors selections for this design use accent colors for the rug and another décor especially if the walls of the living room have exposed bricks (painted or unpainted), the floor is cemented. Under this design furniture’s rely on unfinished wood, and, at least, one wooden table is a must requirement to achieve a complete genuine industrial décor, but also the table can have exposed steel legs if not wholly wooden.

Scandinavian design

3 Design Ideas for Your Living RoomThe design features gentle contours, a balance of engineered and organic materials, and playful accent colors. It is simple, functional and contemporary and mostly employs Bauhaus principle and its highly characterized by fluid lines, populist appeal and a focus on object proportions. The foundation color on the Scandinavian interiors is white with gray tones.

Tips for living room decorations

Layering rugs: requires 2-3 rugs, one rug should be oversized and should serve as the base. The base rug should be a solid rug and should have the neutral colors (such as light gray, ivory or think beige). The accent rug that should be on top should have vibrant colors and as well as artistic patterns.

Plants and Terrariums: some indoor greenery adds immediate infusion to the living room. On a desolate mantelpiece or dull shelf, a splash of greenery livens up the area and makes the living room appear airy and fresh.

Hang up a rag: this technique is trending among the design communities and provides the creativity to add attractiveness to the living room. Not only does it adds some colors but also provides warmth and texture that few art or wall paints can.

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Look Great

Your home is one of the greatest investments you might make in your entire life. This is why it is important to ensure that it looks great at all times. As a result of the resources that you put in building it, you should never neglect it at any time. There are different ways that you can make it look great and unique from others. To help you in the process, here are some few simple ways on how to make your home look great.

Declutter your home

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Look GreatMost homes do not have a good look because there is a lot of clutter around. Your home can look great by ensuring that you remove anything that makes your home look congested. Make sure you get rid of anything that does not match with your personal style. By doing this, you will transform your home from just an average one to a more unique home. All you need to do is to walk around your home and edit items. Make sure that each room only has items that suit it. In addition, you should move around your compound and remove all unwanted stuff to make it look elegant.

Perform occasional thorough cleaning

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Look GreatYou might not have all the time to carry our intensive weekly cleaning. However, you can plan to be performing thorough cleaning on occasional basis to make your home look luxurious. Go through your home and look to those areas that are overlooked during the regular cleaning. Cleaning and replacing old tiles brings a lot of difference in having your home look fresh and sparkly. You can also steam clean wood floors for an instant lift to the finish.

Rearrange or add lighting

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Look GreatProfessional designers make use of lighting to define separate room and define spaces, making small space look grand. Think about your living room where you might have chairs, sofas and a television. You can differentiate the areas visually by use of different types of lighting. Add a table lamp beside your reading chair and consider a simmer for overhead lights.

Upgrade your hardware

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Look GreatYou can make your home look great by swapping all the outdated hardware. If you have brushed steel drawer pull, you can try bronze, gold or even crystal ones. In addition, you can make an adventure of it and have vintage hardware that demonstrates your style. It is not difficult to get attractive options in any decor style. Changing faucets and countertop is another way you can make your home look great. You can change your old sink accessories for smoothing fresh ones that match your new hardware.

Do repainting

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Look GreatThere is no easier way to making your home look great than painting. You can bring the changes you want by repainting and selecting beautiful colors for an immediate makeover. You can go for classy neutrals or use tasteful, sandy tan tone that matches well with several woods. Painting should not only be done for your walls. You can add color to your window trims, front door and even the floor.

Urban Design Project Explained

Urban design projects are a core element of what makes cities inhabitable, quite essentially, but a lot of people have no idea about them, and might have never even have heard of the expression in their lives.

Urban Design

Urban Design Project ExplainedUrban design is a fairly recent concept, which is still unknown and not at all implemented in some parts of the world. It is, however, what allows modern cities to harbor populations as large as those that inhabit the world’s biggest metropolis. It is also what ensures that cities have a practical and fairly pleasant layout, both when someone looks at them from a map or aerial view as well as when navigating them on the ground in the course of daily life.

Urban design projects go hand in hand with and incorporate principles from urban planning. This larger field is responsible for dictating things like what parts of the city and county are suitable for construction, where protected areas are located and what kinds of infrastructures there are available in the city, as well as how they are implemented and maintained in real-life.

An urban design project focuses on creating a specific “place”, whether it is a city, a block or a smaller community. Urban design creators usually draw knowledge and research from different areas. They achieve this by working with a larger team of consultants and experts to come up with a plan that covers all of the aspects of creating this space – infrastructure, buildings, urban planning, recreation, environment and so on.

The Scope of Urban Design

Urban Design Project ExplainedUrban design projects include elements of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and civil engineering. All of these areas are important not only when designing and building new structures, but even more so when trying to match them up with the surrounding area so that they both serve each other mutually.

While urban design projects tend to be focused on smaller “urban places” such as blocks or communities, there is a need to think about the place as a whole, both within itself and in the larger space that surrounds it.

All-Inclusive Projects

Urban Design Project ExplainedMore than that, urban design projects aim not only at building “places” within a city, but they are actually designed to create a whole urban experience for those who inhabit and spend their time in such places, whether for work or enjoyment. That is why it needs to draw from the different areas that contribute to create urban places, so that the people in it can easily have access to basic means of life, transportation and recreation as well as a roof on top of their heads.

A good urban design project is thus generally one that has a coordinated streetscape and commercial facilities as well as open urban space and green areas while still following the guidelines of existing neighborhood and historical conservation.

Urban design projects at a glance

To sum up, urban design projects are all-inclusive, as they focus not only on buildings or roads, but also on infrastructure and in-habitability. They draw from different areas of expertise to build “places” in the context of an urban are. They also aim at ensuring these places fit well into context and respect what existed before. More importantly, urban design projects have the whole living experience in mind, so that the these new “places” can become the best possible for those who will use them.

How to Choose Kitchen Faucets That Look Sleek?

How to Choose Kitchen Faucets That Look SleekThe kitchen is a very important part of a house. One can not live without one. Because it is where food is prepared, it needs to have all the facilities one would need to cook properly.

Although function is an important factor, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice aesthetics for it. The kitchen faucet is one of the main components that need careful choosing. Knowing how to choose kitchen faucets that look sleek will not only help you make the right decision, it would also help motivate you to prepare good food with utmost passion and love.

A faucet becomes appropriately sleek if it is elegantly designed and if it comes with simple but functional attributes. First thing you have to determine is how convenient it should be for you. Some people prefer the traditional faucet, with a spout and a knob or lever to turn it on and off.

For those who need a more versatile faucet, there are types with side sprayers which can help give you that extra reach when washing. There are also those that has a pull-out or pull-down sprayer. A pull-out allows you to pull the sprayer out whereas the pull-down allows you to pull the sprayer lower to reach what you need to wash more efficiently.

The arc of the faucet also matters. This is the part from which it rises up from the hole and down to the spout. Some prefer a higher arc because the impact of the flowing water is lesser because the spout is closer to the base of the sink. Also, it is able to accommodate high pots or pitchers that need to be filled up with water. Therefore, you can easily put the high pot underneath without having to hold it up or lean it slightly. You can read kitchen faucet articles and reviews and learn about the most important features www.kitchenfaucetcenter.com.

Installation Requirements

How to Choose Kitchen Faucets That Look SleekThere are faucets that require only one hole on the sink. This means the lever or knob to turn it on and off is already mounted along with the faucet base. There are those that require additional holes for a separate knob or lever, hot or cold options, as well as side and pull-out sprayers. This is an important factor to consider if you are installing a new sink and faucet because the two have to be compatible with one another. For replacements, the faucet needs to fit the existing sink perfectly.

Style and Designs

Style or design is also one of the factors that need consideration. If you are after sleek, then design is crucial. There are a lot of modern faucet designs out there that lean more on a minimalist aspect. This means it looks and works in a modern way while having a simple yet elegant streamlined design that is truly impressive.

It is, however, also important to make the design complimentary to the theme of your existing kitchen. If you have a classic, traditional kitchen, then choose a faucet that would go well with it. If the room is more contemporary, then a modern style is best. Just make sure that it is sleek enough for your visual satisfaction while also functional enough for your convenience.

Best Ideas to Decorate Hot Tubs In Outdoor

Best Ideas to Decorate Hot Tubs In OutdoorOutdoor hot tubs are romantic and great to relax, in the lap of nature. How do you place them so that the vinyl and hardware do not become eyesores when you are not using the tub? Here are some of the best ideas to decorate hot tubs in outdoor spaces.

Consider hot tubs with fountain features

Make the hot tub a design feature of your garden by integrating it with the natural landscape. When the hot tub is not in use, it could still look like a natural water feature that fits in with the rest of the garden. You could consider tubs that double as fountains, with a perfectly-executed drainage system.

Camouflage with existing yard features

Making a pre-fabricated acrylic hot tub look pleasing to the eye can be an aesthetic challenge. Never leave the tub exposed, or it can mar the surroundings. Try and hide the sides of the tub with existing railings, walls etc. Any side that remains exposed can be covered with wooden enclosures. Add steps to lead up to the tub and you can make the tub look like a warm wall of wood.

Create an enclosure for your hot tub

Best Ideas to Decorate Hot Tubs In OutdoorPlace your tub in an outdoor pavilion to create a spa-like space separate from your outdoor dining space. You could have a partial enclosure with four pillars and a roof to create a space to relax in.

Use unique alternatives to hot tubs

The Japanese have perfected the art of naturally integrated outdoor cedar tubs. If you can find manufacturers near you or can import, think about using a hand-crafted wooden traditional Japanese soaking bath called ‘ofuro’ as an alternative to hot tubs. They blend right in with natural surroundings.

A classic claw foot tub under a wooden canopy nestled in a lush and secluded corner of your backyard can have a warm, vintage appeal. If the tub is near enough to your home, the plumbing could be drawn from your home’s heating system quite easily.

Enclose it with plants

Your hot tub does not need a wide paved space around it for access like an in-ground pool does. This means you can plant your favorite bushes, trees and vines around it. Enclose one or two sides with wooden walls and have plants grow right up to the other edges for a beautiful addition to your garden.

Wall up the sides completely

It is possible to completely hide your hot tub, even when it is above ground, with stone walls and other materials. Maybe an existing stone wall in your garden can be extended to become the walls of the hot tub and conceal it. Anybody can choose one of the best hot tubs on www.InflatableHotTubReport.com.

Use rolling covers

Rolling covers can be great for keeping your tub free from leaves and debris, while allowing you to use the cover as a sundeck. Think about building a deck platform around your tub so that a rolling cover can easily slide below it. You can also use this cover as a sundeck when you are not in the tub.