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Looking at the Best Flat Iron In 2016

Looking at the Best Flat Iron In 2016

Looking at the Best Flat Iron In 2016Flat irons are expected to be quite a lot of things, but most importantly, they’ve to be safe for use on hair. Purchasing a flat iron can prove daunting, taking into account how numerous they are and the widely varying price ranges. Unless you’ve tried a model firsthand, the iron you’re planning to buy is less likely to be the most appropriate one for your hair. However, it shouldn’t intimidate you.

With this guide we base off below, you can narrow down your selections to set you nearer to the perfect model for you. Here are factors you’d need to consider before purchasing any flat iron.

1. Your Hair Type

Knowing your hair type is necessary to define which temperature settings are good for you. Obviously, you want no damage or harm done to your hair. Flat irons may have a range of heat settings. Flat irons able to reach 400 degrees, or even higher, are designed for effective straightening of thick, curly hair. Often, such models feature adjustable settings. Those that only reach the 200-degree mark are best suited for extremely fine hair or hair that’s already damaged. A professional flat iron will have all temperature settings that you’d need included.

2. Materials

Looking at the Best Flat Iron In 2016A quality flat iron would be one that dries and straightens your hair while sealing in moisture. In turn, this results to sleek, healthy and shiny hair. Flat irons make use of different kinds of materials, with each being designed for a certain hair type.

For instance, a ceramic flat iron gives you long-lasting, straight hair, while improving the follicles’ health to help promote thicker growth. Ionic technology dries you hair and locks in moisture to help prevent embarrassing frizz. Such flat irons aid in improving the appearance of hair. Other flat irons make use of slow infrared technology- ideal for gentle straightening of damaged hair. Also, there are higher-priced models which use Nano particles to help increase the drying and straightening times.

3. Size

The size of a flat iron actually refers to the plates’ size. You can choose from the many, different sizes available, depending on your hair. Wider plates suit long, thicker sections of hair, and straighten more hair at once. On the other hand, narrower plates let you closer to the scalp, thus giving you control over the shorter hairs. In addition, narrower plates may be used to design fun curls.

Looking at the Best Flat Iron in 2016

We’ve done extensive research on the best flat iron one can likely obtain today. We’ve considered various aspects, including owner feedback, reviews from users and sales figures. As well, we’ve paid detailed attention to features offered by the different brands available on the market today. We’ve come to a conclusion we can rightfully consider safe.

HSI Professional-1 Ceramic Tourmaline

HSI Professional is veteran manufacturer of hair straighteners. Over the years, the brand has won quite an outstanding reputation. Quality-wise, the HSI Professional-1 is the topmost flat iron you can acquire today. The fact that the HSI Professional-1 is greatly affordable doesn’t imply that it compromises on any feature. In fact, it’s among the most versatile units we have today.

The unit is perfect for both and straight hair. It can transform frizzy hair into appealing, sleek looks. The unit allows you to customize the temperature between 240F and 410F, implying that it addresses the needs of virtually all hair types. The HSI Professional-1’s 1-inch plates are a combination of ceramic and tourmaline which, together, help protect the follicle.

This ionic flat has almost every bell and whistle you’ve been seeking. The tourmaline-covered plates and the ionic power help to smooth your hair out. Needless to say, it offers all these special perks at a reasonable, yet affordable price. Undeniably, this iron flat offers value that’s way more than what you pay for.

Last but not least….

Ensure to purchase a flat iron that comes backed with a reliable warranty package. You don’t to have your new flat iron breaking after just a few months. In case you’re planning to make use of a flat iron on a daily basis, you’d want one that is definite to last. Ascertain that the flat iron you choose is guaranteed to survive your styling habits. Take time to account for all factors we’ve mentioned. You’ll have stepped closer to the flat iron you’ve been dreaming of.