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Urban Design Project Explained

Urban Design Project Explained

Urban design projects are a core element of what makes cities inhabitable, quite essentially, but a lot of people have no idea about them, and might have never even have heard of the expression in their lives.

Urban Design

Urban Design Project ExplainedUrban design is a fairly recent concept, which is still unknown and not at all implemented in some parts of the world. It is, however, what allows modern cities to harbor populations as large as those that inhabit the world’s biggest metropolis. It is also what ensures that cities have a practical and fairly pleasant layout, both when someone looks at them from a map or aerial view as well as when navigating them on the ground in the course of daily life.

Urban design projects go hand in hand with and incorporate principles from urban planning. This larger field is responsible for dictating things like what parts of the city and county are suitable for construction, where protected areas are located and what kinds of infrastructures there are available in the city, as well as how they are implemented and maintained in real-life.

An urban design project focuses on creating a specific “place”, whether it is a city, a block or a smaller community. Urban design creators usually draw knowledge and research from different areas. They achieve this by working with a larger team of consultants and experts to come up with a plan that covers all of the aspects of creating this space – infrastructure, buildings, urban planning, recreation, environment and so on.

The Scope of Urban Design

Urban Design Project ExplainedUrban design projects include elements of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and civil engineering. All of these areas are important not only when designing and building new structures, but even more so when trying to match them up with the surrounding area so that they both serve each other mutually.

While urban design projects tend to be focused on smaller “urban places” such as blocks or communities, there is a need to think about the place as a whole, both within itself and in the larger space that surrounds it.

All-Inclusive Projects

Urban Design Project ExplainedMore than that, urban design projects aim not only at building “places” within a city, but they are actually designed to create a whole urban experience for those who inhabit and spend their time in such places, whether for work or enjoyment. That is why it needs to draw from the different areas that contribute to create urban places, so that the people in it can easily have access to basic means of life, transportation and recreation as well as a roof on top of their heads.

A good urban design project is thus generally one that has a coordinated streetscape and commercial facilities as well as open urban space and green areas while still following the guidelines of existing neighborhood and historical conservation.

Urban design projects at a glance

To sum up, urban design projects are all-inclusive, as they focus not only on buildings or roads, but also on infrastructure and in-habitability. They draw from different areas of expertise to build “places” in the context of an urban are. They also aim at ensuring these places fit well into context and respect what existed before. More importantly, urban design projects have the whole living experience in mind, so that the these new “places” can become the best possible for those who will use them.